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Old 07-11-2010, 02:13 PM
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Off Road Suspension Design

Does anyone know of or knows where a guy can get a book on suspension design for off road trucks?? Jef
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Old 07-11-2010, 02:25 PM
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I haven't found one that talks only about Off Road and 4x4 suspension, but read this:

Is like a bible when you talk about vehicle dynamics, reading and understanding that book and the infamous "God of Suspension" on Pirate and you'll be on the other side.

Greetins from Chiapas Mexico!
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Old 07-12-2010, 02:49 AM
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The God of suspension is a thread worth reading but it is FAR from being really useful once you get all the BS out... Read if you have time.

The book on the other hand. Well worth the price!!!
When did empirical knowledge get replaced by a theoretical education?

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Old 11-04-2010, 02:06 AM
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Wong has a good book on theory of off road vehicle dynamics tracked and pneumatic tires:


What type of suspension are you looking to design? IFS? Solid axle/leaf?

What jounce/rebound travel are you aiming for?

Ride rate?

Dont limit your choice to off-road books because there is more literature available from the racing side which is fully applicable to off-road suspension systems.

Google basics of vehicle dynamics, which includes selecting your base dimensions (track, wheelbase), target ride, roll stiffness, etc...

Also www.sae.org has a heavy truck dynamics and light truck/vehicle dynamics seminars.

The Gillispe book already recommended is an awesome book. Milliken and Milliken make the next best books available to suspension engineers: Chassis Design (Olley's notes), and Race Car Vehicle Dynamics.

There are enough books out there to fill your life with enough reading material.

Let me know if I can help you some more.

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