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Race Car Fabrication There is a lot of cool fabriaction going on the race car industry, show us what you got.

Race Car Fabrication There is a lot of cool fabriaction going on the race car industry, show us what you got.

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Old 12-22-2017, 04:31 PM
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You Know You're a Race Car Driver When...

You know you're a race car driver when:

* Your neighbours are threatening violence if you park any more old cars in the street or driveway.

*You can strip a car in one day (sometimes without even taking it off the trailer), and think the devaluing of scrap steel due to the glut of Chinese stockpiles is the REAL world crisis.

* Your wife says "We should move to acreage so you'll have enough room for all your cars & trailer"... but you know deep inside this would be an unwise move that would have an unfortunate result.

* You get into an argument with the builder because he says an 8 car garage in the middle of suburbia is too big when you only have 2 bedrooms in the house.

* When you measure time by the number of weekends between now and your next race.

* When "building a custom cradle" in your garage has nothing to do with babies, but is so you can run your race engine all day while it's not in the car"

* When you use the dishwasher as a parts cleaner (only when "she who must be obeyed" is out shopping).

*When a media scare campaign about the possibility of governments tattooing bar codes on everyone sounds like a good idea to you. I mean vin numbers can be helpful - can't they?

*When your relatives are surprised to find you dislike watching motor racing on the TV (because you'd rather be doing it or trackside).

* When you have developed a skill set and secret income to hide the real cost of your racing from your wife. You know there would be a very angry scene & she'd leave if it was ever found out.

* When you don't fill the work job book up, so you have time to prepare the race car.

* When you think of the value of expensive household items in terms of the number of race tyres it represents.

* “New tyres or eating properly” is no longer a decision worth spending time thinking about – dry bread and/or two minute noodles will keep you alive for ages.

* Buying tyres that cost $300 each, and only last a weekend doesn’t seem at all unusual.

* You know what bog is, and why they sell 15 kilo drums of it, and never buy just a single can of WD40.

* You have a heart-break DNF story that involves you, and your grandmother doesn’t have to ask what “DNF” means anymore.

* You know at least four alternative sources of the acronym “SCCA”. And they’re all derogatory.

* When lying under your true love has nothing to do with the opposite sex.

* You know at least a half dozen people you can borrow a car trailer off when your road car breaks down.

* When your ten year old son uses the tomato sauce bottle at the dinner table as his sequential shift lever.

* When you walk into a autoparts store and go "I need one of these" and they say "what’s it off?" and you say "its not important - can I just have one the same" ....because it’s SO much easier then explaining.

* When you're at your mates wedding saying "On my register I'd have a new race suit, new helmet, race car (any), etc. And I'd have race cars for the bridal party and in the photo shoot."

* When you Scandanavian flick the lawnmower, & know it runs really well on Avgas.

* When you have to wait for the car club to put out the final calendar before you can plan a date for your wedding.

* You have 0 porn and 120 Gb of motor racing downloads

* When your car now having a full cage gives you a real sense of achievement in life.

* When your mates talk about pristine paint jobs for their street car projects and you interrupt, "Stuff that, lets just put a cage in it and go racing! I've got some race tyres under my house you can have cheap!"

* Your partner’s car is parked on the street so the club car gets the garage.

* When you ask your boss "So... when are you going to sponsor my race car?" and he replies; "Do you know how many times you have asked me that in the past 6 months?"

* When you are old enough to need Viagra but group B videos always make you get hard.

* You think nothing of buying and carrying cable ties in bulk & know they and duct tape really are the solution to all mechanical breakages.

* When you spend more cash on suspension than what the original purchase price of the car was.

* When you get made redundant due to a major corporate merger and the only thing you have to say is "sweet more time to work on the car"

*When the diagnosis "Now it starts and there is no end" comes not from your doctor, but that quiet voice you suppress within your head on starting a new race car build. https://s1.cdn.autoevolution.com/ima...er-97621_1.jpg
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Old 12-25-2017, 03:29 PM
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When SWMBO tells you she has ordered a new oven,
that you WILL take the old one out to the shop because!
You are NOT drying paint in the new one!
When did empirical knowledge get replaced by a theoretical education?

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Old 12-25-2017, 05:06 PM
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Yup, I used the dishwasher once.....ONCE!
have used the oven too....
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