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Old 11-27-2016, 12:10 AM
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Some updates:

Did the back half with a shitload of cab on - cab off trials. Also some rock sliders for the front cage to tie into.

Internal stuff partially done. There isn't much room in a regular cab Ranger no matter how you do it.

If I knew more ahead of time, I'd have tucked this up as high as possible, but I was trying to fit this tube in 3 different paces.

Some dimple die-ed tie ins for the cab and the start of the front end.

I couldn't bear the thought of spending good money on tube joints, so I did the engine cage / coilover mounts like so. Should be removeable for engine access, but not too flexible.

I only really messed up one tube in the whole build, but I was able to reuse it on the crossmenber here. I think the camera angle makes it look uglier than it is.

I scored some very nice BFG MT's cheap, but they are 17's which is a weird size in the 6.5x8 world. Some late model Dodges match in theory, but are ridiculously offset. Currently looking at 2500 Chevy vans in the local yards.

I got the cage finished to a point where I was happy to make gussets, also I used the 120' of tube I bought, so easy choice.

.030 wire made me look 5x better than everything else. I think .035 needs just enough heat that I run out of talent quick on thin parts. I'm declaring .030 my primary wire now.

I made a taco gusset fixture for my shop press. In some cases they will greatly strengthen viable joints, in others, they hide my shortcomings.

My first taco gusset.

The front end as it will end up. I may make some tube supports ala Jeep tube fenders, but I won't be mad if they flop in the breeze either. Shown is an '09ish Dodge spare, which will rub on my TRE. I may end up *gasp* buying reasonably backspaced wheels or find a local laser shop to cut new centers of I stumble on some cheap 17" wheels. The drivers side will need some crossmember clearancing to get the droop travel I'm looking for.

I'm getting to the point where I'm looking at car problems, not just tube and structural stuff, which is exciting. The fuel cell has a home and I'm starting to think about checking the bottom end of my engine out. I bought some DSM seats which seem receptive to the 5 point harness I am installing, but need some mounting trickery to keep my head off the cage.
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