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Welders and Welding Which welder is best and the best way's to use them.

Welders and Welding Which welder is best and the best way's to use them.

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Procedures for welding cast iron

The process of welding cast iron has some special procedures. Since it is a challenging task, people can’t have two different opinions about the same. Unlike most other metals, cast iron has a greater content of carbon. This is the reason why cast iron is brittle which makes it really difficult to weld. If people follow some proper instructions, then the task of welding cast iron can be done at ease. Read more here, really very good article about procedures for welding cast iron… http://www.weldingcastiron.org/proce...ing-cast-iron/
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I've found I much prefer brazing cast iron with Si Bronze filler with a TIG welder. I have done two repairs in the past couple of weeks using this method. One of which has been used all week in a high stress application. No issues. It's certainly worth a look if you have access to a tig welder. DC only will work but I like to use AC with 90-95 percent penetration. The cleaning action seems to help the brazing metal wet into the repaired area better.
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