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Old 12-23-2015, 01:06 AM
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plumbing dilemma for brakes and fuel

Currently putting a 3UZ-FE into a 1996 Toyota Hilux/Pickup. Im at a lost as to what to do for fuel lines, power steering lines and brake lines. Only reason I ask is because the current diesel lines are full of gunk and chips are coming out of what I assume to be rust. Also the current brake lines are still original and is now reaching the point where the fittings are rounded and the threads screwed. Found this out as I rebuilt all the brakes and changed the stock rubber hose for stainless steel braided lines.

Im planning on replacing brakes and fuel lines with stainless stain tube. Im still unsure about the power steering lines theres so much on the market and so many options. The fuel pressure is regulated at 60 psi.

I currently have no tools in the way of plumbing or tubing so Ill need a flaring tool and bender for the stainless. Im thinking because the truck is japanese they are double flares/ inverted SAE flares and metric fittings?

I guess my question is am I heading in the right direction using the stainless and getting the tools or is there an easier/cheaper/better way of doing this.

The truck is a daily driver as well as weekend toy and will be used for a few upcoming expeditions in Australia being a crossing of the simpson desert and a trip to cape york. At the moment Im looking at the ridgid industries precision ratcheting flaring tool or inline tube 45 degree double flaring tool and a decent bender only issue is these guys are expensive. Im just too confused and over informed with all the tech articles and info on plumbing. Also fuel fitting suggestions as well as the power steering hydraulic lines please.
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Old 12-23-2015, 04:41 AM
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Red face

I like the newer copper/ nickle brake line that I buy from Federal Hill .

It is all I use anymore easy to work with

They have all the assorted other fittings as well.

Power steering the correct high pressure hose for the pressure side and the return hose that is made for use with that fluid

Pretty much all I do is Toyota 4X4`s
Some days it takes longer to pick which welder

then to do the welding
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Old 12-23-2015, 11:54 AM
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That is some cool info about brake line material. Living in Cali I don't have to worry much about rusting out brake lines but it looks like it would be a great replacement anyway. Thanx.

As for the OP's questions, use good quality standard PS hose, and use fuel injection hose rated for ethanol. Stainless is good for fuel lines if you can afford it (if you live right on the ocean it's a good idea) but regular galvanized steel line is just fine too. As for the flares you need to match what is existing on the vehicle.

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