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Benders and Bending Which bender is best? How do you use a bender? How do you calculate bends? Everything Bender related...

Benders and Bending Which bender is best? How do you use a bender? How do you calculate bends? Everything Bender related...

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Old 10-28-2021, 09:36 AM
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Vertical Hydraulic Tubing Benders - Tips, Tricks, Questions & Answers, and Videos

Hey Everyone,

We are finally pumping some serious time and money into our video production to add to the vast technical resources we made available on vertical and horizontal tubing benders, and we thought it would be sensible to share them here for the OFN community that we have been a part of for so long. Post any question or comment on ANY vertical hydraulic tube bender here!

This is our tech index, which includes articles explaining the basics of tube bending, how benders work, what a mandrel bender is, etc. We also have articles on how to bend tube (called bending 101), and several free calculators that work for horizontal and vertical benders with or without bend offsets (like a tube stress calculator, and several bent tube design tools):

Even if you use a completely different bender than ours, the calculators in here should be helpful!

As I said, we have been making more videos recently. Here are 3 of our recent ones that show some great features, introduction to bending tech, and some real bending tech:

Air/Hydraulic tube benders- Made in the USA with 180 degree die sets, warranty, mandrel options, and more
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Old 01-06-2022, 07:53 PM
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im looking at building one,the plans call for 2x2 3/16 wall tube
why couldnt i use diamond plate for the sides
genius has it limits stupid dont
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