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Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
I think squeezing another window into the factory bug proportions may give too short a rear deck to match up with the rendering, but once you have the pieces you can hold it up and see. I think you are going to have to cut this thing at the waistline (bottom of the windows) and graft the entire upper half (including door tops) from the model A, with plenty of chopping and blending to join the two visually. Nothing about the roof or side window lines can be from the bug, right? The front windshield looks like it could be bug-based. LOTS of work but it will be really cool if you can pull it off.

Do you plan to do a full frame chassis? Here's a build you may be interested in where the guy is doing a mid-engine bug using an ecotech:
You guys have it all figured out already... Ya know I never thought about a body off and building a frame but that could solve some issues for me. I was going to take about 7 inches out behind the door to get the proportions right. and slice and dice the pan and tunnel to match. Humm wonder what would be involved as far as the vehicle ID vin numbers?

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