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This cage showed up at the powder coaters down the street from my shop a couple days ago. This was a kit some of you might recognize. When I asked the powder coater who welded it together, I couldn't believe who he said. It was someone I know! I couldn't believe he put out something like this Word is that he did it as a favor for a guy in his off road club....some favor. If I were the 'customer' I'd be pissed that I spent that kind of money on this kit and got a weld job like this.

Unfortunately this kind of 'fab' work seems to be common around here The sad part is that people accept this kind of crap. Apparently they think welding and fabrication is supposed to look like $hit. A lot of people seem to only care about the $$ and how cheap they can get it done for, and consequently get what they pay for. Then there are those who pay good money for a good job and get hosed.
This all makes it difficult for someone like me, who takes pride in my work and likes to be compensated for quality work, to make a prospective customer understand the difference.

Enough of my's some pics
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