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hey guys my names drew, im 24and from the forgotten state of rhode island. i have been welding and building stuff now for about 7 years. only have learned through my own failures and a few youtube videos.two years ago i rented a shop for after hour side work with my best friend consisting of brake jobs, lift kits, and headracks.i now have left the repair work to him and i have solely focused on the fabrication aspect of the business. with that being said, monday i had shoulder surgery done and am now out of the garage for quite sometime.i will be legalizing my fab business in hopes of growing and making some cool stuff . (my instagram account is @garagebayweld_fab )i stumbled upon this site through a web search and am extremely excited to join the community here. by no means am i trying to sell any of my goods, i am just simply here in hopes of gathering information and new techniques. along with any criticism that may come along with it. here is some of my work and i cannot wait to search in depth of these threads and builds! thank you anyone that has taken the time to read my story and grind on!

here are some photos of my work so far

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