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Years ago I started on an oil cooler mount, but since then decided I hated it. I mulled over lots of other ideas, but decided to just make a better version of the original. Im not going to bother showing the original, mostly b/c im too lazy to look it up. Here is the latest.

Bent up a new upper bracket out of 0.090 alum.

Made a rock guard frame / lower mount out of 3/16 ss rod and some 1/4-20 cap screws.

Welded some ss mesh to the frame for the rock guard. Here it is in place.

Then I thought it should have a scoop and some ducting. So I bent up a few more pieces and welded them up. Of course I cut one angle wrong, so I did an ugly weld on the edge and reshaped it to the right angle. Saved!

Here is the completed duct / scoop assy. The scoop and sides are 0.090 and the long flat curved piece is 0.040. Was fun welding them together.

And on the car, without the rock guard.

And with the rock guard

Just need to trim some of the threaded studs, come up with the final hardware, and get it coated.

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