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Test fit a wheel last night to both verify my axle spacer measurements were right and also to see how much wheel clearance I had for the axle beam brace "towers".

Perfect fit, and no rubbing. I know very un-vw.

With that I welded up these little towers. I happened to have the rod ends and bar "in stock", leftovers from cavy projects I guess.

Trying to decide where to mount them. I really like them over the shock mount, but then they could get filled up with water and whatever. Im thinking a drain hole might be good enough to keep water from washes drained. Also unsure if the swaybar mount "lollipop" bolt is long enough to go through the extra metal.

I dont know how I took this to be powder coated years ago with the condition of the pass side shock mount area. Its pretty hammerd (literally). At least I can address that now as well since its going to need to be re-coated.

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