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Ha, thanks!

Finished trimming and flaring the 3 output lines last night. I also played around with some zip ties, which hold them together surprisingly well. I still need to come up with at least one mount for the firewall.

Then it was time to tackle the input lines. Im not really happy with how these turned out. 1. the bulkheads are just so damn tall and 2. id like a little more clearance to the steering shaft (yes, I could bend them away more). So I ordered some electroless nickel plated 90 deg bulkheads this am. Ill need to have the engine bay side flange redone to accommodate the nuts and then hope like hell one out of the 6 choices allows the 90 to be keyed correctly inside (I can also shim them some if necessary).

Note: yes, one of the bulkhead fittings i had to substitute with a bolt as I left one at work.

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