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Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
Wow that is one thick steering column support. Why so thick?
So I can bolt/un-bolt it and drop the column. You can kinda see the hole coming up from the "bottom" of the bracket. The bracket is "split" and the bottom comes off. Think of a Connecting rod.

The wheels that were on it prior were only there for me to roll it around. Hell, none of the wheels or tires for that matter matched but it made moving it around the shop a bit easier. Big reason was when I would lift the body off with the gantry, it was easier to roll the chassis than it was the entire gantry with body ;-)

This car is a L O N G way from completion. It will take years to get it to where I want it. I will be palnning on driving it long before it is completed though. Paint and REAL body work are a ways off. At this point I just want to get it running and road worthy and have a little fun scooting around town. Like all things, there are certainly things I would have done differently in retrospect. This was my first rod build. If I ever do another one, I will have a different approach.

I like the stance with this one and I have always liked the Sedan and Coupe styles.
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