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Thanks Clint!

The setup for this is actually surprisingly rigid. The only real issue I had was if the two notches got too close together to where the front and rear jaws in the vise weren't gripping tube the whole way around. In that case, it didn't take much to knock the piece out of alignment because there wasn't a good grip.

We actually did the acute angle first. I don't know if it was beginner's luck or what, but those didn't take much to get right. I guessed at a 60 degree bend, and had to iterate a bit on the notch angle, but the piece that was the first attempt ended up getting used.

I'm not going to lie, the 90 degree corners kicked my ass. I think it's because there has to be a short flat at the ends, which makes it really sensitive to where the tube gets clamped in the notcher in addition to the notch angle. I wound up bending the tube 45 degrees, then checking the angle of the notcher to the flat section to ensure it was 22.5 degrees to get reliable results. I made some scrap, but once I got the first one, I was able to repeat the process and get the second one right on the first attempt.

I think if I was using a 5.5" bend radius instead of a 4.5" it would not have been so tricky, because the length of the bend would be longer, and it would push the bend out from the corner without having to have a short straight section.

Thanks for watching. I've had to take a couple days away from this because I traded some labor for some parts and need to hold up my end of that deal, but I'll be back on it pretty soon. I have the Watt's linkage attachment to the center section of the rear end designed and have started making some pieces for that.

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