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I finished up the rest of the pieces to attach the Watt's linkage to the chassis last night. Here's everything lined up:

They stack up in order from left to right. Second from left is the inner pivot/serrated adjuster. The business end looks like this:

I cut the serrations using a 0.060" corner radius end mill, with the head of the milling machine tilted over 45 degrees. The shaft is 0.002" smaller in diameter than bushings in the center pivot, and about 0.010" longer than the outside dimension of the bushings. This allows the whole assembly to be torqued and not bind the center pivot up.

The washers and inner pivot are made out of 4140 HT.

Here's everything stacked up, ready to bolt on:

All bolted up!

It will go all the way down on the adjuster with the bottom of the center pivot just above the bottom of the frame. This is a good thing because bottoming the frame out is a fact of life with 2" of static ride height.

Next up are some links to actually make this a Watt's linkage, and the stuff they attach to on the rear end.

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