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I'm not a big fan of the tall truck intake, so I dug around and found a take-off LS3 intake from a 2010 Camaro for $215 shipped. I started this thread to collect more info on what's involved in swapping from a truck intake to a car intake on this engine.

Because the car intake places the throttle body much lower, there are a few places where things interfere with the truck accessories. First is the waterpump outlet, which can interfere with the motor drive assembly on the electric throttle body as shown here. This is before snuggin the intake down.

I used a Dremel and a small cutoff wheel to remove the offending aluminum. I like cutoff wheels for trimming aluminum like this because they don't clog up dangerously the way grinding wheels do. Here it is trimmed:

The next order of business will be relocating the idler pulley which is now in the same area as the throttle body. I started by taking the pulley of it's bolt as shown:

Then I used washers for mockup to temporarily locate the idler on one of the mounting bolts for the accessory bracket. I have a new machined spacer and bolt on order that will permanently attach this for under $8. I will post the part numbers after I verify fitment.

After trimming off the accessory bracket, I think I will have the following two options for belt routing. The second option is my preference since it more closely resembles the original belt routing, it provides more wrap around the pulleys, and the tensioner is acting in the direction of the belt.


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