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Thanks AVTECH.

As promised, here is how I relocated the idler pulley and made the truck accessories work with the car (LS3) intake for under $10. Granted I do still need to buy a belt, but I'm also thinking about scrapping this altogether and making my own brackets from scratch. I don't like how high the alternator sits with this setup.

First off the parts. From Misumi USA (, the spacer is PN KNCLM10-30-20 and cost $5.70. It is nickel plated steel, 10mm ID, 30MM OD and 20MM length. The bolt is PN CB10-160 and cost $2.40. It is M10x160mm length. Total $8.10.

Here you can see that the spacer is the appropriate height to position the idler in line with where it originally was

I am spoiled with a mill in my garage, so I used it to cleanly trim down the bracket. You could also do this with a vertical bandsaw or even a hacksaw.

Here is the trimmed bracket around the throttle body

And here you can see a notch I added for the vacuum port on the drivers side of the intake

Here is the ilder pulley mounted with a ratchet strap used as a mockup belt

The Misumi spacer installs here:

And this is what the finished accessory drive looks like using a ratchet strap to mockup the belt path.

Sorry about the black & white pictures. Somehow the setting got changed while I was taking pictures.

I haven't decided yet if I want to keep this setup or scrap it altogether in favor of putting the alternator on the passenger side (lower) and making my own brackets for everything.

That's all for now!
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