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Originally Posted by PlaidHunt View Post

But, I have a few questions.
  • How long can I expect a build to take?
  • Should I begin with a pre-fab chassis or build my own. (I have some experience welding. But, I am not a welder.)
  • What is the best order to approach the project?
  • Are there any specific things I should consider when planning the build?
I'm sure more questions will occur to me as this goes on.

Also, any other friendly advice for a noob would be appreciated.

How long 4-weeks or 10-years, depends on budget, time, experience, life and even death.

For someone just starting out I recommend that you start by buying a runner and driving it for a season before, you haul off and build something that isnít what you learn you want.

The approach depends on what you are going to build, Mini buggy or Ultra-4 completely different scope and scale.

I think that the first thing to consider is Budget, then time, then quadrupling the initial budget plus the original and multiplying the time by 4.

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