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Smile Beginner in need of advice.

I have been informed by my better half that I am in need of a hobby. To be honest, she's right. I'm getting to point in my life that I have a lot of time on my hands. Not a good thing.

I had originally considered rebuilding an old car. But, I have no interest whatsoever in trying to get the body and interior right. It looks like it would be just tedious. So, I thought building an off road buggy would be fun and challenging. My wife is all for it.

But, I have a few questions.
  • How long can I expect a build to take?
  • Should I begin with a pre-fab chassis or build my own. (I have some experience welding. But, I am not a welder.)
  • What is the best order to approach the project?
  • Are there any specific things I should consider when planning the build?
I'm sure more questions will occur to me as this goes on.

Also, any other friendly advice for a noob would be appreciated.

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