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Originally Posted by BarnFab View Post
That is a great looking shed, what plans do you have for the interior fitout ?
Im going to do the inside with the steel white liner panels. However, Im going to do the bottom 40" or so with the same light grey I used on the upper part of the outside to break it up a bit and keep the bottom "cleaner". Ill probably use a dark blue for the Z trim between the two.

Originally Posted by dbdesigns View Post
If you don't mind me asking, how much do you have into it so far???
$48,977.47 , exactly. lol.

Originally Posted by LIGOOMBA View Post
That is an awesome build.I am getting ready to get the ball rolling on a 30x30 pole barn down here in NC.I had a 30x30 stick garage built back when I lived on L.I. NY. I was spoiled.I have a two car attached garage now with my whole shop in it.Your build is an inspiration! Great Job !

I have a little more work done in the last couple weeks, but no pics yet. Ill snap some the next time its light enough out.

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