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Lots happened today but I didnt get time for many pics.

The gutters were installed this am. Hopefully that will keep some of the mud off the side of the building until I get the stones done.

I ran the ground wire from the panel box to the ground rods, covered them up with soil and got a decent start on the stones down the south (yard) side. I got about 2x as far as the pic here shows.

I also had a friend shear me a free piece of 3/16" diamond plate to use under the door as a kick plate. You can just make it out in the stones pic above. Ill get more tomorrow. (for the record I really dont like diamond plate, but it should hold up really well and it was $0)

After I got tired of digging up sod, setting bricks and shoveling stones I cut out the tops for the rolling workbench. They are just made from some 3/4" particle board with grey melamine (I believe) on both sides. I scored two sheets free from a friend of mine. The edging is a dark blue (looks much lighter in the pics) that I purchased from Its pretty simple to install, just cut a 1/16" groove around the edge with the router and pound it in. Its a nice look for 50 cents or so per foot. I still need to attach the panels, but I need to collect the pocket drill jig from my dads first.

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