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Thanks for the feedback.

That KAKA UB-100 is appealing. And for the first time ever, it's something that is actually cheaper in Canada than on Amazon US.

The specs describe it as:

HIGH CAPACITY OF HOT BENDING AND COLD BENDING. In term of hot bending, it can bend flat steel 3.93x0.59", round steel 0.86", square steel 0.86x0.86, angel steel 3.93x0.47. In lieu of cold bending, it can bend flat steel 3.93x0.2, round steel 0.71, square steel 0.63x0.63 and angel steel 2.36x0.31"
How does bending stainless steel compare to bending mild steel? Do you think this tool would be able to bend a 1" wide, 10gauge piece of 304 stainless steel to a 90-degree angle?
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