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Originally Posted by TS3g View Post
Looking good Graham! The overall design looks great....that baby ought to be stiff like you intended. Looks like it might be a little tight in the elbow area, but I'm sure you designed the car with that in mind so it shouldn't be a problem. On the cage, are you going to add a brace/gusset from the top halo to the rear halo (a Scootek rounded gusset would be sweet looking there )?

I don't know think you went wrong with the Ohlins, they are big time in the dirt racing world (maybe not open wheel so much, but definitely on dirt late models). I know in some of the entry level classes, guys take Ohlins internals and adapt them into Bilstein bodies to meet rule restrictions.

Actually, the elbow area is something I have to address. I ended up having to cut a tube out to get a Butlerbuilt full containment seat in there, and there's more work that needs to be done. It became really obvious once the steering wheel was in there.

There are a couple gussets missing in those pictures...they'll show up as the thread gets updated. I agree on the bent tube will have to wait for the next car, though. I have become a lot more aware of those sorts of things since I started this build.

I know the LMJ (remote reservoir) Ohlins are big in the dirt late model world. I didn't realize guys were swapping guts in to Bilsteins, though it should work because they're both 46 mm pistons. When the car gets a little closer to running I need to call Ohlins and get the scoop on what's actually available now.
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