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Originally Posted by Muddytazz
Man, I have to admit, that bender is really starting to take some kickass shape. Very impressive if you ask me. You thinking about making some print available for us to be able to do this also?
Thanks Muddytazz! I do not plan to make prints available for this machine at this time. There are a lot of reasons for that. I don't give this machine a big chance of being sold commercially, so it's not so much that I'm hoping to make money off it. But if someone builds one and it doesn't work or breaks or hurts them, I don't want the responsibility.


This week things are going a little slower, but I'm still getting a lot done. The mill I have been using all this time had a problem with one of the feeds getting stuck on, so I wasn't able to use it. Instead I had to use a different mill that has NO auto feeds. Everything is truly etchosketch on this one, although it does have an X Y digital readout. It's also a much more cumbersome machine for changing tools, so that is adding to the time consumption factor.

Well enough excuses, here's what I've been making!

This whole part is the main die arm. For naming purposes, I break it down into upper, lower, web, and endcap. The upper is the part that I made on the flame cutter. Since my last update, I have gotten work done on the lower, web, and endcap.

As it sits, the lower main die arm still needs to be cut at an angle at the end so it's parallel with the endcap and the upper arm. That is merely cosmetic. The rest of it's features are complete. I went through basically the same process as when I made the lower follewer die arm, except that in this case I did not have to machine the hole for a bearing.

Here is a view from a little ways back. I used a magnetic base el cheapo protractor to see how things were lining up. I was incredibly pleased to find the top surface angles of the main die arm and follower die arm matched beyond recognizeable difference.

I was able to get all the holes drilled and tapped for the web today, but I didn't have time to do the endcap, so it's still waiting for six mounting provisions. Once that and the angle cut on the lower arm are done, the entire main die arm assembly will be complete.


If you are going to be around heavy parts like this, wear some steel toe shoes! I forgot to bring mine on Tuesday and of course I ended up dropping a big chunk of steel (the lower main die arm!) onto the ground and my big toe! Boy that smarts! My toe is pretty bruised, but luckily not broken. That's the last time I go to the shop without steel toes!

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