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Today I got a lot more done on the follower die arm.

BELOW: This lower piece will look familiar because it's a duplicate of the upper part I made months ago. This is a lot of drilling and boring. As with many of the other parts, I worked my way up in drill sizes and eventually used a boring head and boring bar to enlarge the hole to the proper size.

ABOVE: This time I got the hole size just right for a proper press fit of the bearing.

BELOW: This piece will form the "web" portion of the follower die arm. This is the part that shows "JUDD" in it on many of my models. Unfortunately, unless I can find some CNC time I will probably never put the logo into it.

ABOVE: This is the endcap...

BELOW: Here you see the web and endcap resting on the lower follower die arm. Much to my satisfaction, everything matched up great.

ABOVE: When I got these parts home, the first thing I wanted to do was check to make sure all the holes matched up. I was happy to see everything fit together properly.

BELOW: Here it is, loosely assembled.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to finish machining the web and endcap pieces, so until next week I wont be able to bolt together the follower die arm. I am really anxious to have it assembled as one piece!

After that, I will probably work some more on the frame. I would like to have this thing sitting at it's proper height in the next two or three weeks.

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