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I figured, heck, I might as well throw the rest of the parts on there while I'm at it! Below I rested everything I have for the bender where it belongs. Finally I was able to rotate the arms easily to get a feel for clearances and overall function.

One of the major goals of this project was to complete a 180 degree bend in one stroke. Well I think I can manage that! Fully extended this machine will cycle through 240 degrees. The extra will give me leeway for slop, material springback, and crash margin.

I am really feeling the need for a stand now. These parts are HEAVY. I am now wearing steel toed shoes around this when I handle it in my garage. I know I am going to drop something on myself, especially when I have the parts just loosely sitting there in a mockup.

I'm not a very strong guy, but if I keep hauling these parts around, I will be soon! I think next week I will put some of these parts on a scale to get a real sense of what this will weigh.

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