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Originally Posted by TheBandit
Does anyone know a resource where I can get empiracle torque data? Or does anyone have a gauage on their hydraulic bender that could report on what it's taking to bend tubing?

I've had trouble verifying my torque requirements against anything. The best resource I could find was Horn Machine's capacity calculator, but that gives me numbers that seem really high. For example, the JD2 Model 4 is rated for 2-1/2" max OD tubing and is advertised to produce 60,000 in-lb of torque. When I put in 2.5x0.120 DOM (tensile 80ksi, yield 70ksi, elongation 15%) the calculator spits out over 100,000in-lb required for bending on a 7" CLR. That doesn't agree with either JD2's rating or my calculations.
First off - I'm speechless at not only your fantastic design, machining & build quality thus far, but you're awe-inspiring documentation as well. Truly great work on your behalf.

As for the data you're looking for (I may be way off base here: bear with me), could you not perform an FEA analysis? Obviously there is no replacement for real empirical data, but you may find it to agree with either the JD2's capabilities, or with Horn's. Just a thought - I love plugging stuff like that into CosmosWorks and just 'playing' with it....

Again - fantastic work, I'll be following this closely.
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