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Re: customers / charging cost

Originally Posted by keithxtreme
I am with Jackalope, I would most definitely want one of these benders.....I already have a dozen Pro-Tools dies.
One important note. This machine will use a modified Pro 105 die. The center tube must be removed and a larger tube installed. This allows the use of a larger shaft to support the die, which is required because the die is supported in a cantilevered configuration. The Pro 105 and Brute benders can use a smaller center pin because it is supported in double shear (arms above and below the die).

Once I modify my dies to fit this machine, I can make a bushing which will make them backwards compatable with the Pro 105 mechanical bender.

Originally Posted by keithxtreme
What do you think is going to be the Capacity of this bender?
That is a great question. My design work was conservatively targeting 2.0x0.120 DOM and 2.0x0.095 chromoly maximum ratings with a minimum safety factor of 2.0 (meaning all parts must be able to handle twice the stress of the anticipated loading).

In reality the machine will be capable of bending larger dia and thickness tubing, especially if lower grades are used (eg. HREW instead of DOM). Just like most machines, it is overdesigned and my ratings include a margin of safety.

The bottom line is this: in this hydraulic configuration the machine will be capable of a 40,000in-lb maximum bending torque. The use of a larger HP pump or larger diameter cylinders could easily increase the torque output and I am confident the machine can withstand additional loading. I am using a 1hp pump due to cost.

After testing I will have a much better idea of the actual capacity.

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