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Originally Posted by 12husky View Post
Stove looks great!

I work in the wood gasification industry building large systems and have been looking at building a house sized one for a while now. Our industrial sized ones are a 2 box system where the gasification (making smoke) happens in one box and the secondary air is added in a second box to create the fireball before it heads to the boiler.

I want to base mine on burning wood chips instead of logs or pellets. Chips are much cheaper than pellets and can be burnt green and autofed unlike logs. The material handling with chips is much trickier than pellets though. Thanks for rekindling the inspiration.
This is something that I have been studying on myself and I would love to hear more about how you are going to do it. My property is covered in manzanita and I am slowly chipping it up and it makes great firewood. I would love to figure out a way to burn the chips effectively.

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
so is the first combustion chamber scavenging air to make to the second combustion chamber push air? Does not the smoke(escaping heat) create the most heat inside your chimney?
The heat rising up the chimney causes a draft (and corresponding low pressure in the fire box) which will pull air into the fire box through both the primary air opening (which feeds the primary fire; burning wood) and the secondary air tubes (which feed fresh air to the hot smoke rising from the primary fire; burning the left over fuel in the visible smoke). As for the your second question, part of the reason for the long smoke path inside of the stove is so that the heat in the smoke/exhaust can be transfered to the top of the stove. When I did my testing I checked the temperature of the top surface of the stove and it runs between 650 and 800 degrees F and the chimney pipe is only running at about 300-450F so the exhaust is giving up a good deal of it's heat to the stove box before it heads up the chimney.

I hope that answers your questions.
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