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Friday I picked up everything but the p/s bracket (still waiting on that). The good news is the L99 waterpump bolts up and the pulley matches perfectly with the truck crank pulley. It even came with the gaskets. I couldn't be happier.

Here are some pictures comparing the LY6/L92 truck waterpump to the L99 Camaro waterpump. The belt contact area of the L99 waterpump pulley aligns perfectly with the truck pulley, despite the overall size of the pulley being shorter. On the backside, there is plenty of clearance for the VVT timing cover, which I assume is the same between the LY6, L92 and L99.

On the engine:

The driver's side, forward outlet should make hose routing cleaner for my Nova's driver's side inlet radiator. This may restrict belt routing options for driver's upper accessories if not using the L99 accessory configuration. I will try bolting the truck accessories up to see if they would work with alternate belt routing, even though at this point I don't plan to use them.

On the passenger side, you can see the bosses for mounting the L99 tensioner are thicker and stick out further, so the LY6 tensioner will not line up. If you were swapping straight across, you would want to get the L99 tensioner.

The bad news is the alternator bracket is designed a little differently from the 4th gen f-body setup and it pushes the alternator out further from the block at the top mounting bolt. That is likely to be a problem in the tight space between the engine and subframe on my Nova. I may need to use a spaced-out 4th gen f-body bracket for things to fit, but I wont know until the engine is in the car.
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