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Looks awsome!

I used to toy around with turbo hondas and yes, there are share ware programs such as Crome (spelling with no "H") that will allow you to delete most all of the OE sensors.

If you want to spend money on something more sophistocated you can look at EcTune or Neptune. It gives you lots more control.

It looks like you got yourself a 1.8 LS motor there, you could also look into the CRV motor which is a 2.0 and that'll give you more torque to play with, and its fully compatible with the LS tranny.

As far as the tranny, most people have had good luck with the OBX helical diff or you could just spool or lock it.

I hope to build something like this in the near future, make sure to keep us updated. I'll definately be checking back for updates.
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