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Originally Posted by Peter H View Post
Nice! Do you have enough room for the exhaust headers? Seems tidy!
Thanks Peter. The stock headers are pretty slim so they will definitely fit in there. The suspension to me is pretty much the most important part of the build so I am going to try make everything work around it as best as I can.

I do want to have a go at making up my own set of headers but Ill leave that until I actually have this thing running.

Originally Posted by pmclean View Post
Seriously cool build.

One question - Are you going to run after market CV's/axles?? The standard ones do break easily in comps. Rear axles are generally OK, but you can watch the splines twist.

Also,the manual locking hub explode - you can get drive plates tho
Thanks man. I will eventually go to RCV axles in the front but whether its this year or next will depend on how far the budget gets stretched to get the truck running.

I have heard the Nissan Manual hubs are decent so plan was to convert from the auto hubs I have to manual hubs. I know they still break but from talking to other guys running them its easier and cheaper to replace a broken hub as opposed to a broken axle shaft or Diff. You could think of it as an engineered weak spot of sorts.

Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
I have seen lots and lots of CAD designs become real hardware and it never ceases to amaze me. Great work!
Thanks! Its amazing and super satisfying. But now it just means I want my own CNC machines. Its slippery slope

Originally Posted by stolson View Post
After you gave it a clean up it actually looked really nice.
The picture made it look okish. But the body was super rotten as was the interior. If i had known when I started how much Id actually end up hacking off Id probably just have picked up a R150F Gearbox and Tranny along with a bonnet, fenders and grill because thats pretty much all thats left of the original truck and just built it from scratch, but hey I have learnt a fair but in the process so should be able to build the next one from scratch.
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