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Ok, so thanks to a mate of mine it was a really productive day in the workshop yesterday.

These are the puzzle pieces for the front axle and chassis mounts.

We tacked up the truss assembly on the bench

Afterwhich I found I had made a mistake with the axle tube outside diameter which made the entire assembly sit too high on the axle due to the front and rear profiles not being far apart enough. The bottom of the from profile should sit just above the weld at the centre of the axle.

I'm a bit confused as to how I managed to cock that up but hey ho we moved on and made a plan...

Top link mounts going in.

Skid plate and Ram mount going on

1omm gussets going onto the knuckles, apparently a bit of a weak spot on these axles when you start abusing them.

And a little comparison of the Cad and end product. Next I need to fabricate the chassis mounts and then finally the lower link mounts on the axle. After that I'll need to cycle the suspension to check clearances and see if I need to tweak anything. After that then on to the bell crank.

Looking at it as it stands I think I'll need to raise the ride height a couple of inches, given I was shooting for a fairly low height (17.5") the impact should hopefully not be too detrimental.
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