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My work has a bunch of 1/4" alum. diamondplate drop about 8 foot long. I was thinking I could easily do a toolbox by laser cutting the corners and bending up all 4 sides. then use aluminum angle on all the seams and either fill the outside of the seams or tig them.

i'd use at least 10 ga. It would not only be eaiser to get a clean weld, but you wouldnt need as much bracing. Again, you could cut the corners and have them bent up, weld the seams and make a top the same way.

If your going for a traditional look where it sits ontop of the bed, draw up what you want with dimensions. I work at an industrial fab shop and from time to time we make duct work for grain. they are all cut on the plasma table, bent, tacked together and welded. For instance, at Y peice had 5 peices. The front, back 2 sides and bottom. So for a tool box, you could have the front and back peice flat, the bottom bent to match the profile of the front and back. Its quite simple. Its nice to have acess to a CNC cutter and CNC brake press too so everythings cut right
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