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I'm experienced in building Hondas for racing. My current personal project is a buggy with a fwd V6 & subframe positioned as a mid mount in a scratch built tube frame offroad buggy. I've also built four Beetles into buggies for offroad use. So your project brings a big smile to my face... several of my addictions rolled into one car! I wonder if anyone else has thought to do this. I love the drawing of your intended bodywork. Are there kits in the States for this, or will you have to scratch build all those new panels? You may get more "advice" about changing fwd geometry to the rear than you need - most of it coming from those who've never done what you're under taking.

I presume you're going to use the Honda gearbox & driveshafts too, & fabricate up to the factory mounts to make a mid mount? Love the idea though, & will follow with great interest.
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