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Originally Posted by JaysinSpaceman View Post
Is the tension shackle better then the standard shackle?
In my opinion, yes the tension mount is always better in every way! I just crack up at the various shackle flips I see... I find it funny that the factory particularly on the 1/2T up working chassis builds tension shackles and they do it for a reason(s) which if you think about it... All work better then the compression design
I don't know if I would build one into say a CJ (unless I was serious about flex) for a bolt on suspension, just for the PITA factor.
However, you are thinking about doing a slider to eliminate the side2side and at the same time going with the least stable design in the rear... I'd be looking at out-boarding the rear springs as far as I could and running a Tension shackle.

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