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The smoke shelf is there but relitvitly small unfourtunalty, any bigger and it would be even harder to get wood of any length in and turn the corner down into the stove. I tired to make it as much of an obsticle as I could or the smoke to go around and mix with the air but the whole vertical thing made it kinda difficult. For the next stove it'll be about the same size but horizontal and a rounded off triagular prism shape (to hug the hull) sitting fore and aft (lengthwise), this way the corners of the triangle I can block off for a baffle at the top and a grate thing at the bottom to allow air flow over the whole length under the coals. The main air intake and the chinmey will be at the same end, air intake under the grate and a baffle blocking the top corner to make the smoke travel all the way to the opposite end where the door will be, then it can turn the corner and run the length back to the chimney. Then I was thinking I'd run a smaller pipe up the back side and the along under the baffle and opening into an outlet to feed the hot air into the smoke right where it turns the corner to run along the top of the baffle. Maybe some ridges along the bottom of the baffle to make some turbulance in the smoke to force it towards the coals a bit. I also want to make an oven on the top of the stove, so we'll see ideally I'd like to wrap the chinmey around the oven somehow and also have a piece of thinner plate as the oven floor rather than the thicker 3/8" for the rest of the stovetop.

Here's a picture of my stove, for some reason the LEDs that I've got in the boat don't really get picked up by my camera on my phone, but the LED flashlight does, I appolgise for the bad lighting. The bolt near the bottom pushes the grate, which is two parts back and forth to drop ash down into the bottom to clean it out.
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