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I suppose I could put a description of what I did. The above column was made from a piece of 1.75" OD tubing and then I machined some press fit "collars" that use spindle bearings and races. The "D" rod inside the column is a piece of 1" SS I machined some flats on. They connect to the u-joint pictured.
The steering wheel is made from some round bar I rolled and cut into three piece to make the "bowl" and then I welded an old flywheel in the center.
The pic of the car was a test fit-AGAIN (have done this over and over). This time the headers were on. There was some interference at the cowel lowers so I cut the three bolt flange off and bought some turnouts that I will weld on facing downward and out. I had to cut the headers at the flange when I first mounted them up because the 4 bar suspension was smack dab in the way.
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