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I was thinking at first that it didn't look all that low, but then I started looking at the fender clearances and the sill height.

It's down there.

Until you said, "Up next is to chop the top" I was thinking that it had already been done.

How much are you planning on chopping??

Let me know if I can answer any questions. I chopped not only the body on mine, but the rear door and sliding doors as well.

On mine, I simple cut out the desired amount (5") of the top lowered it back down, cut it vertically over the door openings, and brought the front section forward to match the A pillars and then filled in the opening with sheet metal chopped from the rear corners.

Makes for pretty short windows. Not a problem in the back, but interesting for the front windshield. The solution suggested to me after the fact was to cut out about an inch outside of the windshield opening (so as to get to flat sheet metal), removing it at it's stock size, chop the top, and then re-cut the opening for the windshield to allow the cut out piece to fit back in.

This gives you the chop without the need to find/buy/make a custom windshield.

I must say I'm a little jealous that you can drive your's already....

Keep up the good work.

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