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Originally Posted by METAL TWISTER View Post
Wow, can you say liability insurance? That is taking the Pinto fuel tank issue to the limit.
First Car was a Pinto
2.0L EAO Blueprinted,the works...
I laughed when they recalled it and couldn't get the piece of plastic that was the recall fix, into that lowered road racer, not even the body sheetmetal was stock and all the suspension had been built to a unique state under the watchful eye of a engineer and road race friend, now passed. I really don't think that any pick-up point had not been moved.
I loved hunting 911's but the most fun was destroying the occasional RSR Capri.

Building that car put me in the machine and fabrication biz because I could afford some of the parts but never the labor!
When I was done (was I ever done) it was the best sleeper I've ever built except for the exhaust which sounded like a 13-footlong yellow-jacket at 10,000-RPM.


When did empirical knowledge get replaced by a theoretical education?

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