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New base for my vertical band saw

I have managed to find a little time since we moved to work in the shop. Our rental house has a nice little detached shop that will work until I can build a new world HQ...

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is build a new base for my vertical band saw. Originally it had a cool art deco cast iron base, but that was long gone when I bought it. It has been on a shop made angle-iron base that has one leg 1/4" shorter than the others and no adjustment for belt tension.

I picked up a 1-1/2" square die for my bender to do this project and hopefully a couple more in the future. I started doing some bent square stuff for a customer, and now I think it's pretty cool! The majority of this is 0.083" wall (14 gauge) that I had sitting around. In the future, I'll probably stick to 0.120" wall for bent pieces because the walls don't distort so badly...

Here is the basic design tacked together...the bottom is about 24" x 30".

I came up with the height to raise the working height of the saw about 2" from where it was.

And after adding some plate to attach the saw and the casters. The bent piece in the top is to clear the belt guard on the saw.

This is the motor mounting bracket. It's mostly 3/4" square, with some 12 gauge sheet thrown in...before I added some slots to attach the motor to it.

Saw and motor mocked up on the frame...

I added a few panels to keep chips out of the motor, and help with the looks...

This one was formed on the slip roll to follow the bends in the legs. I added some beads to try to match the saw castings:

The ends are flat, with some louvers to let air circulate around the motor and look cool! The panels are held on with #10-32 screws tapped through the walls of the frame tubes.

And a picture of how things stand at the moment. Just awaiting some paint and reassembly.

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