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Originally Posted by OlBlueCJ7
Any idea on an overall weight? That looks like it's going to be REALLY heavy (not that that's a bad thing). Do I remember you saying like 300# sans cart & hydraulics?
My solid model (which includes most of the main assembly components) weighs in at about 300lb. I have not weighed things out physically yet, but that is on the list of things to do. I know the cart and hydraulics are going to add significant weight. The power unit, for example, weighs about 40lb. We'll see... I figure anything under five or six hundred pounds is acceptable.


Big thanks to Rob Mittelholtz at Mitsubishi Electric Automation!

Rob is a former Cal Poly student that now works at Mitsubishi. I contacted him to ask about a PLC and he was able to donate a brand new unit for me to use on this project!

I'm told a programming cable will be on the way soon as well.

This is a 16 bit programmable logic controller (PLC). These controllers are often used in industrial applications, especially for automation. They are designed to be significantly more durable than a typical microcontroller. For example, all circuits are optically isolated from the central processor. This means you can short things out or overvoltage the inputs without damaging the processor itself.

How are these used in industry? Well, a good example might be a conveyor system. This controller could be used to start and stop a conveyor, run pnuematic cylinders to transfer packages, or count packages as they move along an assembly line.

Another typical PLC application would be in a large ventillation system. When outfitted properly, this controller can control the heating and air conditioning systems for an entire building. An alarm system is another example of a PLC application.

This particular Mitsubishi PLC would cost about $400 to purchase, plus another $180 for the proper programming cable and who knows how much for programming software. I am getting all this free, thanks to the generosity of Rob Mittelholtz and Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have people like Cris at 2020ssi (Bend-Tech) and Rob at Mitsubishi donating cool stuff to help with this project.


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