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Wow have I got a lot of thanking to do! Thanks for the tremendous support!

Captainfab - Thanks for the comments! I really recommend you check out the RMD-150 just to see what it's about. It's a very cool machine! I had never thought about my design as being a Pro 105 upgrade, but that is an interesting perspective. You would definitely be able to use old 105 dies, but they would need to be modified slightly. The center tube has to be resleeved to go on the larger shaft of my machine. This is required because the Pro 105 puts the center pin in double shear, which is inherently stronger than the cantilevered configuration I have. I had to use a larger shaft to maintain strength, which requires a larger tube to be installed into each die. Once modified, the die could be used on a standard Pro 105 bender using a bushing.

OlBlueCJ7 - Man thanks for the big complements! I am truly flattered :) Unfortunately I am not very familiar with FEA and I would have a very hard time coming up with the appropriate constraints/loading to model rotary-draw tube bending. I think an FEA model would (at best) only be slightly better than the hand calculations I've done so far because it would have many of the same built-in assumptions. I think real world data wouldn't be hard to obtain. Anyone with a pressure gauge and a tape measure could get a pretty good idea of the bending torque.

Brian1 - Thanks! The model is guestimating a little under 300lbs for the main assembly. After I add a cart, hydraulics, and a control system, I'm sure it will be considerably more.

lramberson - Haha, thanks! That would actually be pretty cool to have a Foose design paintjob on a tube bender! But ya know you don't need that to outdo me... just take a picture of yours actually bending tube! Mine might look good on paper... but give me a few months to get the hydraulics going and BOOM!

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