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Originally Posted by unsinkable View Post
Further, tubes between the side impact beams, like in the dash and behind the seats, should be round. A rollover hoop should be rectangular, not round. The triangulation should be round
In theory I agree. That said...
When it comes to the cage I don't think I want to try to “know” where the loads will be input...
&'in what magnitude and vectors...
&'so I don’t want to carry around the tube corners oriented exactly for one specific hit...
(That will be the one hit I’ll never take )
Granted there are areas that one can get real close with their guess in, however cornered tube strength advantage is in basically two planes Cages get hit from all directions if used.
It is a lot of weight to carry based on your/my guess as to where the loading will occur.
This is (IMNSHO) partially the reason why we continue to see square corners in structural steel work and rounds in transportation: the loading is much more predictable and the weight is generally not a performance factor.

Lots of places I will use Square & Rect.
Because the application and design has as much to do with material strength I will continue to build the cage structures out of round, appropriately sized, tubing.

When did empirical knowledge get replaced by a theoretical education?

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