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Originally Posted by entropy View Post
With that much tire.
"I" would choose something better to base the suspension on.
You list design and build as in you skill set, based on that I'd pick an upright that is larger and, or just fabricate one with large ball-joints and wheel bearings. Camaro, Vette, Mustang, ect...

Oh and welcome
Excellent points, and I seriously considered fabbing my own using salvage yard spindles from a Police Caprice, but not only is my budget minimal, but my wife doesn't leave me much time for this. Nor do I have a garage, only a private concrete driveway with a tarp over it. So setting up to engineer the Ackerman, anti-dive, roll center, et centers, all of which I've done before, just isn't happening. It just doesn't seem worth it for a cruiser that will never compete. The Opel GT's handling wasn't bad, it's flaws are known and easily improved cheaply, and it's the same IFS I got.
This won't be the car of my dreams. This is practice for the car of my dreams.
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