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Stupid autocorrect.
Moving on, I always wanted to try the insta-torque of a 454 in a Camaro, I've had many Camaros and I have one now, I've had a couple of 454s and I have a good one now, but I've been playing with turbocharging the 305, and using the 454 for this. Plus if I tire of it, removing it leaves room enough for most anything else.
I also have an '01 4.8L version of the LSx, but that's going in my Mustang.
I have a 4L80E, it's going behind the turbo 305, and I have a 700R-4, it's going behind the 4.8, leaving no trans for this. Maybe I should get another 4L80E, but I'd prefer a built 700R-4.
However, that's not in the current budget either, so the likely result is my 700R-4 behind my 454, and find a used 4L60E for the 4.8L Mustang.
I really don't want 17x9s front and rear, but maybe if I buy a spare pair I can cut and weld my way to a pair of 17x12s?
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