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Originally Posted by QuickSand View Post
Welcome. I look forward to seeing pics of your project. You mention Wasatch Steel, are you in the Salt Lake City area? If so, they mostly carry square tubing. If you need round tube or alloy steel such as 4130, check out Marmon-Keystone.

Edited to add:
I would recommend that you consider adding Bend-Tech software to your design/build toolset. You'll be able to create your unique design and then build it with minimal waste. I used it to design and build a sandrail and it really simplified the construction with the bend instructions and notching wrappers.
Yes, I'm in SLC, and I was planning to fab the frame mostly from square and rectangle rather than round. Nothing thinner than 0.120-wall. If I want round, I liked getting that from Metal Supermarkets or whatever they call it. They have a great offering, even 1"x 0.250"-wall round DOM. I have no plans for that size, but I like knowing they can supply those choices.
I've tried a few different 3D modeling programs, CAD isn't my thing. Steel is relatively cheap anyway. But thanks for the suggestion.
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