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Thanks guys,
Last night I went after my IFS assembly, it's from an Opel Kadett B, in the '67-'72 range. The advertised track width for those cars was around 49.4", so it's not very wide. Because of that, I spent an hour pricing Mustang II IFS, salvage-yard S-10 IFS plus bushings and ball joints, etc. Then I started researching what I already had. This online research was done months ago. It uses a 4 on 100 lug pattern, which isn't uncommon. I found Mini Cooper Works 12.44" rotors, to replace the tiny drums, and ordered a pair of cross-drilled and slotted rotors.
Then I started on calipers that would fit the rotors, are 4-piston, and are aluminum. Thanks to Mazda, they exist.
Before I get into wheels, I want to get back to last night. I cleaned the weeds off the assembly, then dead-lifted it into the back of my ride, thereby hurting my back. Not seriously though. Now that I have it at home with me, I intend to photograph it, disassemble it, sandblast most of it, replace bushings and balljoints, rebuild the steering rack, get new shocks, fit the rotors, fabricate caliper adapter mount brackets, and basically make it trustworthy.
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