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Originally Posted by CarterKraft View Post
Hey thanks again for the response.

I see now that you do have the secondary air inlets on the side as shown in the first diagram. I didn't notice them first off and thought you where just pulling off the primary plenum in the front, your design makes sense to me now. My insert will be about a third larger than this one and I would like to add the shroud over the back and top to facilitate a forced air blower to pull the heat out of the alcove.

If I get the go ahead this year I will post up my progress, I may just get the plans built this year and have to start the project next summer due to way too many irons in the fire now HAHA.

Oh and what thickness material is that? You might have said but I couldn't find it.
I was going to do 1/4" initially but found allot of commercial stoves are 3/16" so i might follow the trend. That might be a case of bigger is not better as far as heat transfer goes.
I used 1/4" on this stove and I really don't think I would go any thinner.

This stove is a huge heater, it puts off massive radiated heat through the large front glass and top surface and when filled before bedtime will still have good coals to throw splits onto in the morning without a restart. Be careful how big you build your stove, in order for a stove to operate efficiently the fire box should be full or close to it, that means huge heat from a big stove. I wouldn't want this size stove in anything much smaller then a 1800sq.ft. house. Remember the secondary combustion not only cleans up the smoke but gives you about 1/3 more heat then a pre-EPA non-secondary combustion stove will. This is one place where bigger isn't always better. When you get your design worked out let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I am more then happy to help.


P.S. I like your Idea of a forced air blower.
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