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Originally Posted by scootek View Post
Hmmm, How many would need to be made? Hmmm, maybe a unique design... hmmmm

For something like scott used to make or another design?

Mmm...Yea! Maybe ya want JEEP engraved on the sphere? Or 4X4 or something? Company name?

If yer just lookin for some yourself then let B-pearl make ya a couple real quick. If you want say a dozen and/or want something unique (whatever that may be to you) I could quote ya however many you want. Price would depend on quantity. Low quantity means i put more $ in MY pocket and run em up on my own time, higher quantity means i gotta write up a job and run em thru the company, thus putting more money in my employers pocket.

You wanna supply the material then thats a different story too... let me know.
I feel like i should clarify a bit. When i say $ in MY pocket i just mean to cover my time turning the parts and the material. I just like to help out my neighbors and my OFN buddies whenever i can.

I guess what i was saying is a medium quantity run would be the optimum situation. This way i could run em all up "under the radar" so to speak. My boss is cool and knows i do this stuff time to time but doesnt have a problem with me doin stuff for myself or others off the clock or in another machine so long as i keep the ones i already have running running. Plus theres not much/any profit in it for myself. Now, a larger quantinty run like saaaaayy 24-36+ pcs he'd prolly rather me quote it and write it up as a job and THEN the cost would prolly be to close to the high side.

Anyway it looks like Black Pearl has got ya taken care of with this particular situation but i did wanna propose an idear. What do yall think about this... I could draw up a pretty sweet trick lookin design with the OFN logo engraved on the front then post up the design in a new thread and let everybody post up how many they'd like to have regardless of cost per pc. THEN i could pin down the absolute bottom dollar (material cost + my hourly rate instead of our shop rate) and run em all up one saturday and everybody can buy however many they wanted and i'd just shelf the rest (if any) until somebody starts a new project and knows they wanna use them again they can just PM me and i'll send em on there way.

As with everything there's but one "catch". And that is regarding Cris and his OFN logo going on a part. Cris will have to approve of both me doing this for everyone AND the part i design BEFORE i even start a thread for others to view the part and toss out a number they'd be interested in. And if Cris would rather his logo not be on em maybe we could have a poll for whats engraved on em. Or for a little extra you could request "x" number of parts with something specific you want.

But i think i could run some pretty sweet ones for a real good price if several people wanted a few each... or more. And it seems to be an item everybody uses in one form or another. So let me know what you all think and hopefully Cris will chime in or PM or call me. Ow and my feelins wont be hurt if its a dumb idear or Cris says no thanks. And of course i'm always open to others idears and constructive criticism as well as collaboration with someone else for whatever reason.

Anywho... whatcha all think?

(Cris, PM me what ya think or PM me for my Ph number. Or just ignore me and i'll take that as a no thank you. No probs)

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